Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research

Research Project 

During my time at Elon, I have conducted undergraduate Leadership Prize research that seeks to understand–and respond to–the everyday challenges of teaching linguistically and culturally diverse students. This project works with local teachers, administrators and staff to create a community of practice that explores their pedagogical challenges and enacts local solutions. You can read more about my project here.

Teaching Symposium 

Pre-Symposium article // Post-Symposium article 

As the culmination of my undergraduate research project, I co-hosted a one-day English Language Teaching Symposium alongside my research mentor and the Teaching Fellows program. We aimed to bring together Alamance county educators to share strategies for creating inclusive classroom spaces, developing culturally-diverse pedagogies, and for strengthening our communities of practice. This Symposium was developed by myself, an English with Teacher Licensure student at Elon University as a part of her Leadership Prize project, along with my mentor, Jennifer Eidum, assistant professor of English.

The English Language Teaching symposium was made possible by the generous support of the Leadership Prize, Elon Teaching Fellows, Department of English, and Global Neighborhood, with grants from Elon’s Fund for Excellence, and the Intellectual Climate committee.



  • Elon University Leadership Prize, $10,000
  • Elon’s Fund for Excellence, $1,000
  • Intellectual Climate Award, $800
  • Fulbright Czech Republic Grantee 2019-2019


  • Elon’s SURF (Student Undergraduate Research Forum) 2018
  • Alpha Chi Research Presentation 2018
  • Elon’s SURF (Student Undergraduate Research Forum) 2019
  • National Council of Teachers of English Conference Poster Presentation, 2019
  • National Council of Teachers of English Roundtable Presentation, 2019IMG_0511.jpg