5 Tips to Help You Nail Your First Blog Post


Bad blog posts are definitely not far and few between. We’ve all opened up an Odyssey post or two and noticed that the writer didn’t even take a spare minute to review their work.

Luckily, I’m here to give you the end all be all of tips: write an outline.

I’m sure this isn’t the first time you’ve been asked to write an outline, nor the last. I have to admit that they can be a little bit annoying and a lotta bit tedious, but you’ve just got to put your head down and do it. That little bit of time up front will definitely pay off in the long run.


#1) Find a place and time to outline32dbcd8f-9706-44ce-8be4-ec1681f0722a.jpg

Pictured above is my absolute favorite coffee shop from back home in Texas called Redefined. Finding a great place to work is a key step that is so often overlooked! Everyone is different. While some writers find that staying up late and sitting in their bed works for them, others couldn’t spend a single second working this way. In this case, perhaps spending the morning at a coffee shop would be better. Figure out what works for you, then do it.



#2) Come up with a great title


Before you do anything, you need to decide what you’re writing about. You can always revisit the title later, but it is vital to have a clear idea of what your piece is going to be about.

Coming up with what to write about can be quite the struggle. You need to come up with a topic that you care about that will also appeal to the target audience you have in mind. Brainstorming with a friend can be a great way to start this process. When brainstorming, come up with broad topics like “How to Make Money on Social Media,” then think about the goal of the post, then think about what would look great on social media! Change it to something like “5 Tips for Solopreneurs to Make Money on Pinterest.” You got this!



#3) Write down takeaways


The next step is to start writing. Get down all your jumbled thoughts and ideas onto paper. These should be all of things that you want your reader to know by the end of your post. This does not have to be organized! Just get your ideas down on the paper – don’t worry about them being all over the place right now. This should just be a working document – try making a bullet point list!

If you wanted to write a blog post about tips for making money on Pinterest, you could say:

  • What social media should they have
  • What kind of camera should they use
  • How long should the articles be
  • Can you use Pinterest on a computer and phone
  • How often should you post
  • Do you connect social media
  • What results should they expect
  • How many pictures should be in a post

It is okay if they are all over the place!



#4) Start to fill in holes


Your next step is to think about your list and place each idea into sections. Ginny Soskey compares this to sorting laundry. You should come up with a few big themes and place the bullets under each overarching theme. When sorting, you might realize that you have some gaps under each theme. This will remind you that you need to start developing each idea that you have. You can also add reminders at this stage so you don’t forget anything!

At this point, all you have is a messy list. Start thinking about what you missed and add reminders about things you don’t want to forget.

  1. Intro
    1.  How to create a Pinterest account and start getting attention
  2. Crafting the perfect posts
    1. What camera to use
    2. How many pictures to use
    3. How long should the article be
  3. Measuring your Success
    1. What results should they expect
    2. How to find them in analytics
    3. How to adjust to get better results

Basically, just organize further and go a bit more detailed.



#5) Edit + Final Details


Now it comes down to the nitty gritty – the editing process. Consider having someone look over your work and analyze how it will look with the rest of your content before you publish it.

Remember final details like links you want to include, pictures you took on your trip, or puns that you’ve thought of!

You’re finally ready to get going! Now, the process should be a breeze.


With love,



Soskey, Ginny. “How to Write a Blog Post Outline: A Simple Formula to Follow.” How to            Write a Blog Post Outline: A Simple Formula to Follow. 5 May 2014. Web. 20 Apr. 2016.

Blogging Advice Class Projects ENG 319 Final

5 Reasons YOU Should Start a Blog

Yes, this means YOU!

Ever since I stumbled across my first blog back in the days of MySpace, I’ve been completely enamored with idea that you can write something up, press share, and have people read it around the world. Now, I’m finally taking the plunge and starting my own blog – you can too!


Here’s why:

#1) Keep track of your adventures


Ever eaten at an amazing restaurant and completely forgotten the name of it a week later? Me too. As an Elon Teaching Fellow, your time at Elon is sure to be spent on lots of adventures. From the History Study Tour that takes you up and down the east coast to studying abroad your sophomore year, you’ll be all over the place! Starting a blog is the perfect way to keep track of your amazing memories. Being able to talk about your travels and what you learned from them could be what sets you apart in a job interview someday! Start a blog and have the perfect online scrapbook that will last a lifetime.


#2) Make a difference


Living here in the United States, it’s quite easy to forget that not everyone has access to things like computers or even running water. Traveling is a great reminder of just how lucky we are and an incredible way to learn and appreciate other cultures. By starting a blog, you can share what you learn with the world.


#3) Keep learning


Here at Elon, we’re all about being life long learners. Surely, you’re going to spend a lot of time writing throughout your four years here. Luckily, trips usually involve “travel days.” These days are perfect for sitting down, relaxing, and reflecting on what you’ve learned so far. Blogging is a spectacular way to gather your thoughts and put them down on paper in a creative way.


#4) Make new friends


I would assert that the only difference between keeping a diary and blogging is the people! Sure, you can keep a little notebook with your own thoughts, but why not share what you have to say with the world? Perhaps you’ll even meet other bloggers who you can meet up with someday. Who doesn’t love a free place to stay?


#5) Make money


While you probably won’t suddenly become Leonardo, there are people out there who make money off of their blogs. Even a little extra support on your adventures wouldn’t be a bad thing. And who knows, maybe you’ll end up rolling in the big bucks one day.


With love,



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Blogging Advice Class Projects ENG 319 Final