The world that we live in is vast and home to myriads of diverse cultures. As of 2020, there are 193 sovereign states officially recognised by the United Nations. However, keeping politics aside, there are 215 countries in the world from a travel standpoint, which includes disputed territories and unofficially recognised nations. So many cultures can mean only one thing for an adventurous and curious mind, explore them all. Nevertheless, it may physically not be possible for everyone to journey across the world. That is where I come in and inspire you to travel all over the world through your tastebuds without ever having to leave your kitchen.

I will present to you the best authentic dishes from various cultures all over the world. All the dishes will be of savoury kind, that are best enjoyed as lunch or dinner. Generally, my recipes will be to prepare bulk portions that can be refrigerated for several days after cooking; if you wish to cook less, simply use half or quarter quantity of all the ingredients. Every recipe post will contain some background information and interesting facts about the country’s culture and cuisine.

While taste is subjective, most people of every country will have a favourite dish; I will only present you with these best dishes or one which is at least among the top. Because these dishes are from all around the world, some ingredients may be niche and difficult to find in general supermarkets. Hence, all ingredients will have hyperlinks to buy them online for your convenience. Most recipes should taste like the actual dish, even if you are unable to use some of the ingredients.

The cooking instructions will be clear and concise. They will also feature bonus tips to make the dish more traditional. I respect people have different dietary requirements, so I will also include vegan versions of every dish I present, with plant-based alternatives to meat and dairy. Anyone with specific allergies can simply skip the allergens in the recipes and people with religious requirements can incorporate their dietary guidelines as needed. Therefore, my recipes are available to all.