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I didn’t have many expectations for Vienna and was absolutely blown away by the beauty and vibes from this city! Germanic culture is really something special!



I visited the Bahamas back in middle school with my family! While I don’t have any blog posts up about it, I’d definitely recommend a cruise there.



My boyfriend, Harrison, got to visit me for his Spring Break and we took full advantage of our time together and headed for a weekend in the small medieval town of Brugge!



My family took a ride on the wild side (in a Honda Element) and explored the Cayo district of Belize. Read about our adventures swimming through caves, scaling waterfalls, and riding horseback through the jungle.



I have my grandparents to thank for my first ever trip out of the country to Toronto, Canada!

Czech Republic


Out of all of my European adventures, I fell the deepest in love with Prague. As a local on the train described to me, the city is “layered” with culture. The people are friendly, the beer is incredible, and everything is extremely cheap!



I took a weekend trip to Copenhagen and fell in love with the hygge Danish lifestyle! 



During the summer of 2018, I am spending 8 weeks in Ecuador with World Teach! The trip will begin with a week of training in Quito and I will then travel to my placement in Riobamba.



My England explorations are very much in progress as this is the country I am studying abroad in from January-May! Keep up with my travels as I drink tea and journey my way across the UK.


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To end my grand Europe adventure, my mom visited me to round off the trip with visits to both London and Paris! We had so much fun roaming the streets of Paris together and visiting Versailles!



During April Break of study abroad, I visited my roommate Tatjana in Munich and Berlin with two friends, Kristy and Rachel! While the cities were great, I fell completely in love with the countryside.



A trip to Dublin marked the very last of my “study abroad” weekend trips! What a fun way to celebrate my birthday weekend. I am already craving a return to Ireland to explore the countryside!



During my semester abroad, three friends and I ventured to gorgeous Italia for our one-week “February break”! We hit Venice, Florence, Sienna, and Rome. This trip was an absolute dream come true: pizza, pasta, wine, and the most incredible architecture.



At the beginning of summer 2018, my family took a brief vacation to Mexico. We stayed at a wonderful resort and enjoyed relaxing as a family.



This small capital city of 800,000 stole my heart! The canal houses and beautiful parks are just as you’d expect. There are museums galore, great food and fries, and nice people. Just watch out for the bikes! If you’re there in the Spring, make sure you make it out to the countryside to the Keukenhof Tulip Fields!



I had the opportunity to visit Valencia, Spain as part of a weekend trip through my school! In just a weekend, I fell in love with the casual Spanish vibes and style, bustling squares in the middle of town, and of course, the delicious food.



I visited extended family in Zurich, Switzerland for a weekend while studying abroad! This was my first experience in a country that does not use English as a primary language. Mountains, cheese, chocolate, and a great visit with family.

United States


I can’t forget my roots, of course! Here is where you can find my local (and no less exciting!) trips taken in the good ol’ United States of America.

Vatican City


Did you know that the Vatican City is technically its own country with its own pope?! While I was in Italy I took a tour of the Vatican museum, Sistene chapel, and St. Peter’s Basilica and spent an afternoon exploring this tiny two mile city-state.