Atakilt Wat | Vegetable Stew

Atakilt Wat | Vegetable Stew

Atakilt Wat is a stew or curry with cabbages, potatoes and carrots from Ethiopia, located in the eastern part of Africa. The word ‘Atakilt’ in Amharic means vegetable, and ‘Wat’ means stew. If you wish to learn more about the Ethiopians and have a proper Ethiopian dinner, visit my post, Ethiopian Cuisine | Background.

You can visit my recipe posts on making Niter Kibbeh and Berbere, in preparation to this recipe. Making Niter Kibbeh and Berbere in advance on a previous day is advised, and the remaining amounts can be used for other dishes.

Although, a wide variety of spices are required to make the Niter Kibbeh and Berbere, the actual recipe for Atakilt Wat only has limited ingredients. You can use the spices in any form such as ground, seeds or paste. Berbere is the backbone of all Ethiopian dishes, which are traditionally preferred spicy; if you prefer less spicy food, use varied levels of Berebere, but definitely use it as it is the main ingredient.

You can use cauliflower instead of potatoes, that gives the stew a different flavour and adds fiber, while avoiding the carbohydrates. You can also use red cabbage instead of green cabbage, which makes it more colourful. Atakilt Wat is a very quick, easy and nutritious dish. It is a vegan and halal dish.


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