I’m going to Ecuador?!

During the end of my past Fall semester, a time when students are often beginning to brainstorm their summer plans, I had an idea. I was beginning to miss my semester abroad in England and started daydreaming about going abroad again. My mind started whirling – I have always been interested in learning Spanish but have never had the opportunity to be truly immersed. I set out on on a mission to find an opportunity to travel to a Spanish speaking country for the summer, teach English, and practice my Spanish. I believe that the best way to get prepared for my future teaching jobs is to throw myself into new places and greet new opportunities with open arms.

A quick Google search led me to World Teach’s home page and I instantly felt called to apply. World Teach sends volunteers all over the world to teach English and other vital skills and they had a placement in South America – Ecuador! I had a feeling that this was the program for me. I did my research on the organization and then quickly applied. To be honest, I didn’t really have a summer back-up plan.

I was thrilled when a few weeks later, I got an email inviting me to join the Summer 2018 Ecuador team. On June 17th, I’ll be leaving for Quito Ecuador where the team will spend 1 week training. Then, two other volunteers and I will head to Riobamba, Ecuador, which is 4 hours south of Quito and nestled in the Andes mountains. Our placement in Riobamba will last for 6 weeks. This will be my first time visiting South America and I am eager to immerse myself in Ecuadorian culture. The weather in Riobamba should be nice and cool and I’ve been told that the hiking opportunities are incredible. While in Riobamba, I will teach at a summer camp for 4th-10th graders Monday-Friday. My class will be one of many stations and will focus on English and language skills. The program will commence with a volunteer-group trip to the beach.

In Riobamba, the other volunteers and I will be living in a community center with two priests!  I am getting more and more excited as my flight gets closer. I am absolutely overwhelmed with the support that I have recieved from family, friends, and Elon professors and staff. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart! If you would like to keep up with my experiences and adventures while I am in Ecuador this summer, please follow this blog!



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