For the second stop on our Spring Break extravaganza, we had the incredible opportunity to stay with my St. Clare’s roommate, Tatjana, at her home in Munich! Huge shoutout to the entire Hoesch family to hosting us for three nights! It was so nice to stay in an actual home and really get to relax with some great home cooked meals. Munich and the surrounding area are absolutely beautiful. Tatjana’s suburb, about 30 minutes south of the city was so peaceful and relaxing. My favorite part of this section of the trip, by far, was spending time outdoors, especially with the gorgeous mountain views! Although all the time spent in cities is great, sometimes you just need some time out in the country!

Neuschwanstein castle

On our first full day in Munich, Tatjana drove us into the countryside to visit the HUGE and ridiculously beautiful Neuschwanstein Castle, which was built by the crazy Bavarian King Ludwig II. This castle is so ridiculously in the middle of nowhere that no one could ever live in it. Eventually, it was open to the public to raise enough funds to maintain it. Unfortunately, we were not able to tour it as there were many tourists visiting during Easter Break. So, if you want to visit, get your tickets in advance! We did, however, tour Ludwig II’s childhood home, Hohenschwangau.


Centre city Munich

On our second full day, Tatjana took us around her city, Munich! We took a bus tour, got a delicious Bavarian lunch, climbed up a tower for a great view, and then visited the absolutely stunning English Garden. I’ll warn you in advance – you will see people naked sunbathing! While we only had a short time in the city, we all really enjoyed it. Munich defines German efficiency very well. It is clean, green, and beautiful!


Bavarian food

I’m not quite sure why this is the only meal I got a good picture of, but all of our food in Bavaria was amazing. Bavarian German food is just as you’d expect – heavy, delicious, and always with beer. Bavarians even sometimes drink a light wheat beer with their brunch! Tatjana’s lovely family treated us to several homemade delicious meals and we got to try one of their favorite local restaurants (pictured below)! Check out that duck! We also randomly stumbled across a random barn with a huge pile of bread and pretzels. Only in Germany! You can even bring your dog into restaurants – I’m pretty sure that’s the only reason one needs to love this place.

Favorite little things

Ultimately, my favorite thing about Munich was really just enjoying the time spent outdoors with friends. I had no idea how much I missed the open land and green grass until I arrived! The weather on our day of arrival was particularly stunning. On our last morning we took a little walk and overlooked a valley near their town and my breath was taken away. Meeting new people and seeing new things and learning is really what travel is all about! I also loved learning about some of their German town cultures. For example, the blue and white huge tree (pictured below) is guarded every Spring 24/7. Other towns may attempt to steal it, in which case, you’d owe them food and beer! Having locals to show you around really brings places to life.


I’m very excited to visit Berlin and contrast it with our time spent in Munich! Thank you again to the Hoesch family for being so welcoming and taking the time to show us your beautiful city!

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