5 Reasons to Visit Siena

Out of all of the cities we visited throughout Italy, Siena was the only one I could really picture myself living in. A nice break from the busy city life, Siena is a less-visited oasis of beauty, wine, and local flavor. We only stopped for one night but I am so glad that we did!

Since we only had one night, we took advantage of the town’s relaxing vibes and you should too! Here’s why you should say ciao to Siena!


1) It’s off the beaten path

Quite simply, Siena is the perfect place to enjoy the slower way of life, tell stories about, and visit again. Particularly since we visited in February, the town was almost empty of tourists. We had great conversation with a couple locals and found that people were eager to help us out – something that we didn’t find in every city we visited. We only had time to stop for a single night and I am already dreaming of a summer visit to Tuscany full of horseback rides, long walks, and winery tours. Siena would be the perfect place to visit for a relaxing vacation, family stop, or couples retreat.


2) Perfect break to stop and rest

If you have more than a week in Italy, consider taking a break in Siena or somewhere in the Tuscan countryside to stop, rest, and breathe. Personally, I am much more of a green grass over a city type of gal and Siena refreshed me both physically and mentally. One of the things that I love most about Italy is their go with the flow mentality. Punctuality is not all that important, and although it can be frustrating, it also forces you to stop and take it all in. During our time in Siena, we moved more slowly than in the city but still saw a lot. When we weren’t relaxing in our gorgeous Airbnb apartment, we walked the hilly streets, taking in views of the gorgeous cathedral and Duomo and gorgeous homes we daydreamed about living in. As you walk, it is nice to peek around corners because you never know what you’ll find. There are also lots of sunny piazzas (squares) to sit in when your legs start to burn thanks to the steep hills. While exploring, we came across a beautiful wishing well and a very strange escalator that apparently is a preferred method of “travel” in the hills (not pictured). During our stay, I also purchased a few authentic Italian leather items!




3) Gorgeous views everywhere you look

Like most of Italy, Siena is breathtakingly beautiful. However, this countryside spot is stunning in a different way than urban Venice, Florence, and Rome. Visiting allowed me to really get some perspective on Italy’s diversity. As your train turns the corner into Siena, prepare to be stunned. This little town is tucked into the mountains and had beautiful weather even in February.



4) Delicious food and wine

It is hard to fully enjoy Tuscany without a glass of Tuscan wine in your hand! Thankfully, there are many restaurant options in Siena that allow you to eat outside and soak up the sun as you devour your pizza and and contemplate your wine options. While some restaurants were closed down for the winter, we were very content with the places we chose.  In some cases – what you hear is really true and wine is cheaper than water! Dining here was such a treat.




5) Easily accessible

Best of all, if you’re planning a trip to Italy, Siena is an easy stop to add whether you’re headed north or south. We chose to go south and take the train from Florence to Siena (only an hour and a half ride for 9 Euro)! And afterwards we headed from Siena to Rome. Taking the train is definitely our preferred method of travel because it is inexpensive, relaxing, and a great way to see more of the country than otherwise possible.


There ya have it! If you decide to visit, all I ask is that you take me with you!

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