Spring Break in the Hamptons

Yet again, I have another long overdue post! I’m currently preparing to spend my Spring semester (2017) abroad and I am just in the traveling zone! While abroad, I plan on posting regularly about my new adventures. Therefore, there will be an eclectic mix of education related and personal posts – exactly what I had originally planned!

In the spring of my freshman year I was coasting through, just planning to go home to Texas. Then, on a random Wednesday dinner at Colonnades, my friend Connor randomly asked if I would be interested in joining him and some other friends on a road trip to the Hamptons. I immediately knew that I had to go. When else would I ever have the opportunity to go to the Hamptons?! I called both parents and BEGGED them to let me stay with my friends until Thursday and then take a weekend plane home to Texas for Easter weekend and my birthday celebration. Thankfully, they agreed.

A couple weeks later and my squad was off! I was crazy excited for my first trip to New York. We left on a Friday after class and booked it to Jersey where Connor lives. When we finally got in at 2:00 am, Mrs. Mathis had authentic Jersey pizza and air mattress beds made up for all of us. Early the next morning, we headed into New York City after more leftover pizza and coffee (of course).

Jersey train station


I couldn’t believe how expensive this forty-five minute train ride was at $20! When we got off the train and walked outside I was immediately overwhelmed. I knew that there would be big buildings and lots of people but nothing can prepare you for the chaos. People will just run into you and push you aside if you are in the way. You must dash around people to keep up and Con kept yelling, “those who live below the Mason Dixon Line, KEEP UP!” AKA Alex Hale were lagging a bit behind. We only had an afternoon so we mostly just walked around. I saw Rockefeller Center and Times Square and lots of areas I’d only seen on TV. Before heading out, we went to a fun small comedy show. While I enjoyed getting to see the city, our group of 8 was a bit large!


The Hamptons at last! We left Con’s around 10am and headed to Cody’s incredible Hampton home in Sag Harbor. I was super excited to finally see what his house was like. I got to ride with my good friend Alex Hale and jam out to his dad tunes per usual over the two and a half hours or so to Cody’s. The crossing into the Hamptons is apparent. You can tell simply by the cars traveling the opposite direction. Range Rovers, G Wagons, and Mercedes galore. Alex and I got there before everyone else and had time to take in the exterior.


The style in the Hamptons was not what I was expecting. The houses have a kind of wood exterior that is painted. Cody’s house was all white and modern looking with windows everywhere. It was gorgeous! The others arrived shortly and we walked inside. I have never been more amazed in my entire life. The inside was absolutely stunning. Everywhere you looked was sleek and white, and Cody’s mom had left gifts for us on the counters. Cody gave us a house tour and everyone snapped pictures. Each bedroom was furnished with a walk in custom closet, smart TV, and gorgeous bathroom with a rain shower. I never wanted to leave. That shower changed my life. Additionally, Cody’s parents left us an abundance of groceries. That night for dinner they treated us at a local steakhouse. 



This first full day was just a lazy day. We woke up late and went to walk around town. Sarah and I were drawn to an adorable little local bookstore. I love places like that. It saddens me to think that actual bookstores won’t exist forever. I bought a book that didn’t look like my type on impulse probably because of the cover. It was called Euphoria (more about it later). We also went to some adorable little boutiques downtown. Unfortunately, I started feeling unwell that night. My throat was killing me and I decided that I should probably go to the doctor the next day. I couldn’t sleep this night and went into Jenna and Connor’s room just for company. I don’t think I’ve felt such deep affection for friends in a long time. They are the lifelong college friends that everyone talks about and I love them so much!



Tuesday started off with the doctor’s trip. Mumsy found a little local doctor right downtown. Cody and Jenna came with me. It was a weird little place. The doctor and receptionist seemed quite rude. My quick strep came back negative but I took the antibiotics anyway because I feel so bad. I’m glad I did because I certainly feel a lot better. Later in the day everyone went to a movie in the afternoon but since I wasn’t feeling well I stayed home and started my book, Euphoria. I was drawn in immediately. It is about 3 anthropologists studying tribes in New Guinea in the 1930’s. Two are married and the other man is lonely and attracted to the other woman. Nearly the whole book goes on without an affair happening, tension building. 

When the others got back we decided to eat at the Irish Pub downtown. I ordered gnocchi with clam sauce – it was wonderful. I didn’t feel that well again that night but stayed up late finishing my book. I have not sobbed at the ending of a book like that in a good long time. I think what is different about Euphoria is that it isn’t your typical romance novel. The love isn’t about the sex – it is about intellectual attraction. It all builds throughout the entire novel and it is only at the end that physical things come into play. The threat of death forces them to leave, though and it ends tragically before they can end up together. I sobbed. Absolutely sobbed.



Thankfully, I was feeling a lot better this morning. We took a group trip over to Manuak about 30 minutes or so away to the beach and famous lighthouse. The view was absolutely breathtaking. The beach was rocky, yet pristine. We took pictures and adventured around enjoying the beautiful weather. I need to insert a couple pictures here. My life just seems so unreal. I’m pretty sure we will be taking the summer trip to Belize and England is only 9 months away (I am posting this so late and it is only one month away!!!). I turn 19 in 6 days (now actually 19!) That also seems crazy. After the beach we went downtown and found a cute local pizza place to eat. Most places were closed still since the Hamptons aren’t yet in season. I had shrimp scampi over linguini and it was delicious. For dinner we had a “scramble.” I had a grilled cheese with bacon and avocado and I am certainly not complaining.


Last Day

This catches us up to today. I woke up at 8 am, packed my last minute things, ate some yogurt, and Alex and I were off. I was in charge of driving today since he has to drive the rest of the way to Elon tonight. The drive was nice and easy except for the part right around NYC. It was quite the experience, however. I loved having the opportunity to experience New York. We stopped halfway for lunch at a little New Jersey rest stop. I was good and had a Greek salad. I “dropped myself off” at the airport and said goodbye to Alex and now he’s driving and I’m on this plane. It was delayed a bit too which is frustrating so I should get into Love Field around 7:45 Dallas time.

Easter Weekend

Spending Easter Weekend home with my family was lovely! We went to brunch at my grandparents, dyed Easter eggs, and relaxed! Since my birthday was the Tuesday I’d be going back to class, we also celebrated. Overall, it was the perfect way to end my first college Spring Break. Texas was definitely just a bit warmer than the Hamptons!

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