5 Reasons YOU Should Start a Blog

Yes, this means YOU!

Ever since I stumbled across my first blog back in the days of MySpace, I’ve been completely enamored with idea that you can write something up, press share, and have people read it around the world. Now, I’m finally taking the plunge and starting my own blog – you can too!


Here’s why:

#1) Keep track of your adventures


Ever eaten at an amazing restaurant and completely forgotten the name of it a week later? Me too. As an Elon Teaching Fellow, your time at Elon is sure to be spent on lots of adventures. From the History Study Tour that takes you up and down the east coast to studying abroad your sophomore year, you’ll be all over the place! Starting a blog is the perfect way to keep track of your amazing memories. Being able to talk about your travels and what you learned from them could be what sets you apart in a job interview someday! Start a blog and have the perfect online scrapbook that will last a lifetime.


#2) Make a difference


Living here in the United States, it’s quite easy to forget that not everyone has access to things like computers or even running water. Traveling is a great reminder of just how lucky we are and an incredible way to learn and appreciate other cultures. By starting a blog, you can share what you learn with the world.


#3) Keep learning


Here at Elon, we’re all about being life long learners. Surely, you’re going to spend a lot of time writing throughout your four years here. Luckily, trips usually involve “travel days.” These days are perfect for sitting down, relaxing, and reflecting on what you’ve learned so far. Blogging is a spectacular way to gather your thoughts and put them down on paper in a creative way.


#4) Make new friends


I would assert that the only difference between keeping a diary and blogging is the people! Sure, you can keep a little notebook with your own thoughts, but why not share what you have to say with the world? Perhaps you’ll even meet other bloggers who you can meet up with someday. Who doesn’t love a free place to stay?


#5) Make money


While you probably won’t suddenly become Leonardo, there are people out there who make money off of their blogs. Even a little extra support on your adventures wouldn’t be a bad thing. And who knows, maybe you’ll end up rolling in the big bucks one day.


With love,



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